Livestock Guardians

Meet Tex and Bailey our Purebred Livestock Guardian Dogs, Sam and Rambo our 3P Ranch Mascots, and our Resident Barn Cats

Tex and Bailey have the most important job on our farm and that is to protect our livestock, property, and surroundings. If you've been to our Ranch, I'm sure you've been greeted by them. Tex is a purebred Great Pyrenees and Bailey is a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian cross. They both work in shifts, to keep the farm flowing and their natural abilities thrive on our Ranch. They love keeping predators away and kissing new baby calves.

Sam is a rescue dog we brought to our Ranch when we moved here from Houston. He is a German Shepherd/Doberman cross and is the best farm dog. He loves checking out new babies, bugging our barn cats, and working cattle. Rambo is a Chihuahua and the oldest critter on the farm. He's the only one who will challenge the skunks around here too.

Jag, Mia, Charlotte, Camo, and Blanco make up our barn kitty crew and they do an excellent job keeping rodents out of our barns and birds from nesting. While Jag and Mia are quite a bit older, you can usually find them napping in the feed barn. Charlotte is our resident porch kitty and that is her domain. She doesn't venture far from that area and usually hides when we have guests. Camo and Blanco are the youngest and they are siblings we picked up from the side of the road as kittens. They've become a lot of fun on the ranch and you can usually find Blanco out doing Guardian work with the dogs. Shhhh.. no one has told him yet he's not a dog.